International Computing Group on Industrial Innovations with Data science (ICIIDS)

one of the world’s largest Non-profitable professional associations operating under Technoarete Research And Development Association (TRADA)




ICIIDS - “International Computing Group on Industrial Innovations with Data Science.”

Research Group created & executed by Motivated Researchers Team working worldwide, and always looks for Enthusiasm ,analytical mind , ability to stay calm , Intelligence, Curiosity , Quick thinker , Commitment , Excellent written and verbal communication skills , and Passion to develop & design new Themes.

Our Domain (Also interested to work on new Domains & Technologies):

  • Health Science Informatics and Disease Prediction , Automations, Business Analytics, Government Policies, Economy & International Relations, Construction, general science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics modeling of real life problems ,IoT,Tools & Simulators, Technology & Programming’s Implementations, Energy Sector, Green Technology, Quantum Computing, Social Network, Security & Privacy, linguistics, Statistical Machine learning & inference, Technology for Emerging Market, Art and Social Science, Computation & Algorithms, Big Data & Analytics, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Healthcare, Social Network Analysis, Urban Data Science, Deep Learning etc.